When it comes to our individualized websites for each home, we want our clients to have complete control of what goes up online. We make our clients admins, so they are able to make changes on their own as well as ask us to do so. We respond quickly and upload in a timely manner. The website is also 24/7 accessible so that changes can be made any time.


Our websites are created using WordPress, a user friendly web hosting site that allows for customization while providing enough of a template that complicated coding isn’t necessary to produce clean and unique websites. The simplicity allows for quick maintenance from us but also allows clients with no web design background to be able to make edits to the site¬†with ease.

Complete Control

We provide log in information for our clients so that they may edit the WordPress site themselves if needed. If a change needs to occur at an odd hour our clients aren’t dependent on our business hours and may make the changes immediately. We want our clients to have control, after all it’s their listing and their website.

Assistance From Us

While we give our clients control of their website, we’re more than happy to maintain the site and make edits and additions. Simply send us an email or call us with the information and we’ll edit the site accordingly and as quickly as possible.