It is not very often that a person comes upon a photography business that is not only passionate about its clients, but wants to deliver the best possible results. Because of this, we have the skills and access to the right equipment to accomplish a wide variety of photo and video shoots. With over five years of experience, we can deliver expert quality and results for just what you, the client, wants and needs. We are proficient at in-home photography, aerial photography, and video walk-troughs of the home. We then take these and upload them to the home’s individual website. Here the client and the future home buyer will be able to go to the home’s website and browse the pictures and videos.

Photography & Videography

The reason our business exists is our love for photography and videography. Our number one priority is being sure that the products our clients receive are of the utmost quality. Our top clientele is real estate and as such we are experts when it comes to photo and video shoots for homes and properties.

We offer in-home photography (basic photos of a property and its exterior), aerial photography and videography, and video walk-throughs of a home. Our in-home photography captures the basics of a home in high quality, including the key details of a home. Aerial photography and videography captures a property from a bird’s eye view with the help of a drone. Shots and video from the drone show off the full beauty of a home, especially if it has any prominent architecture or grand landscaping. The footage is made into a short video that gives an extra “wow factor” for a listing. The video walk-through then provides potential home buyers with footage from inside the home that allows them to view it as if they were walking through its halls themselves. Many of our past video walk-throughs have allowed realtor’s clients to see not only the inside of the home, but also to what the view from outside their door could be. While photos give a general idea of how a home is laid out, video walk-throughs give the sense of actually being there and what one would see from multiple angles.

Individual Listing Website

Our job doesn’t end after the photos and videos are edited. We also create individual listing sites for your property. The listing site features photos and videos of your property in the form of slideshows and galleries. The site includes sections for the property’s details, a brochure about the property featuring our photos, and information about the surrounding city and weather.

The website provides all of the information a potential buyer needs to know about a property with user friendly navigation and a clean, professional layout. We maintain the website and are happy to update it anytime new information about the property becomes available, but we also give control to you, the client. You’ll have 24/7 access to the site and be able to edit the content as you see fit.