The gallery on the left features some of our most recent photos from residential shoots across the Central Coast. Our goal is to create high quality images that showcase a home as true to life as possible. We are able to achieve such results through our process, equipment and experience.


In order to get the best quality images and video we take our time on shoots and capture every angle and accent of the home. We want to make sure that you’re able to showcase a home to its full extent through photographs and video. Sometimes it’s hard to truly gain a feeling of a home through photos on a real estate website, but that’s what we strive to do. With video walk-throughs, high quality images, and aerial options, we’re able to give your clients the best possible example of what a home could be, short of actually viewing the home themselves.

Video shoots are filmed with the same precision as photographs are taken. Smooth shots are taken through the home in order to demonstrate to potential buyers what it’s like to be on the property. The home’s best views are also captured. If aerial photography and videography are desired, a drone is used to take video and photos from above.


Professional equipment = professional results. We use a variety of cameras and drones in order to get clear, sharp images and video. Our drones consist of the DJI Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom 3 Professional as well a heavy lifting octocopter. The Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom 3 Professional boast 4K video while the heavy lifting octocopter allows us to use our other cameras if we feel they’d better capture aerial photos and video of your property.

Each step in our process utilizes a specific camera. We use a Canon 5D for still photos due to its sharp autofocus and performance in low-light. For video walk-throughs we prefer our Panasonic GH4. The Panasonic has 4K video as well as a speedy autofocus that keeps our shots smooth and crisp; the perfect combination to help your clients feel like they’re actually in the home. Our newest video camera is the Red Raven which has the best video quality of our cameras at 4.5K. The camera was created specifically for high end video production and can be used in our video shoots and aerial videography.


We’ve had the privilege of shooting a variety of homes along the Central Coast and with that we’ve learned the best ways to photograph different parts of the home and how to bring alive a property’s unique style.

We’ve been flying drones for four years, giving us the experience to safely and artistically shoot aerial video and photos. In that time we’ve had the privilege of capturing aerial video and photos for real estate, events, promotional work, and a variety of other shoots.

Our Results

As we hope the pictures to the left represent, we strive for perfection. We know that every home is special and has a story to tell and we want that overall to show through our images and video.