Sometimes it can be difficult to get a full sense of a home’s layout through photos of a home’s different rooms. Using a Panasonic GH4 camera and gimbal we create a video tour of the home showing off its best features with smooth shots.

A Video Tour

Through these shots we’re able to connect some of the rooms usually only seen in photos and try to give the appearance of what it would be like to walk through the home. We want your clients to feel as if they’re actually walking through a home’s halls or standing on the porch looking at their potential home’s beautiful views.

A Complete View

We can incorporate the video walk-through with aerial shots if those are also desired, giving a finished product of breath taking views of a home from inside and out. Our goal is for your clients to have the best possible idea of everything a home can offer them, before ever stepping inside.

The video on the left is an example of how our aerial footage and video walk-through can be combined together to provide a full view of a home’s incredible features.